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US Historical Document

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Edukacja Książki
Desenvolvedor: Nexscience LLC.
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This application provides one of the greatest collections of US Historical Documents ever made available on a mobile device. The application is designed to help you learn about the US history in an easy and fun way. Documents are presented in an easy to read user interface with a capability to easily search what you are looking for.

Application Features:

A huge collection of American Historical Documents including the following:

The US Constitution.
Declaration of Independence.
Articles of Confederation.
The Stamp Act.
The Bill of Rights.
The Gettysburg Address.
The Constitution of the Confederate States of America.
George Washingtons Inaugural and Farewell Speeches.
The First State of the Union Address.
Jeffersons Inaugural Speech.
Lincolns Inaugural Speech.
The Monroe Doctrine.
Mayflower Compact.
Virginia Charters.
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.
The Paris Peace Treaty.
The Connecticut Colony Charter of 1662.
The Albany Plan of Union.
The McClellans Letter to Lincoln.
The Annapolis Convention.
The Northwest Ordinance.
The Treaty of Greenville.
The Charter of Massachusetts Bat of 1629.
The Sedition Act of 1798.
Declaration of Arms
Emancipation Proclamation.
Fugitive Slave Act.
Martin Luther Kings Famous Speech.
The Bill of Rights
The Proclamation of Neutrality.
The Star Sprangled Banner.
Patriot Act
Declarations of War.
WWII Documents of Surrender.
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.
The Concord Hymm.
Yankee Doodle.

An easy to use, search function is provided to help you easily browse the information that you need.

No internet connection and no user name or password required in order to use this application. That means you can use this application anywhere and anytime as long as your iPhone is working.